C.E.O's comment

Competitive edge! Leap!

Dong Kwang vina is a manufacturer of Electric Panel & Cable Tray which offers the best quality products with competitive price. In spite of its relatively short history the company has achieved a successful product delivery to global companies such as Posco and Hyosung. We supply various kind and size of products and approved as a reliable supplier by our customers as we have high standard of quality.

Dong Kwang's management philosophy is so called "Shared growth" with customers by using the best technical skills and competitiveness. Our high standard of skills are based on the abundant experience through 5 years of vessel electronic work and 20 years of plant electric work. The company has competitive advantages in efficiency and cost by using automatic manufacturing system and excellent raw material management skills to meet large volume of customer orders.
We not only bring high standard skills which acquired from the experience in Korea but also try to do localization to meet various needs from customers and it's our another invisible competitive advantage. We also offer the best solution for electronic works which can achieve high customer satisfaction.

Dong Kwang is in charge of providing safe electricity system which is one of the most important factor for stable growth of new factories.

We will always keep trying our best to achieve our vision which is shared growth with our customers and we aim to become the most trustworthy company in Vietnam.
Thank you very much.

Sang-Ug Hwang